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  • 24. July 2017, 23:24:35 (11:24 PM)
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Welcome to the Aenigma guild website.

We are an EverQuest guild with players playing EverQuest 2, EverQuest Landmark and EverQuest Next (Once it's released).

We are a Euro/US grouping and crafting guild.
We have all the crafting amenities for members to use.

Unfortunately Aenigma stopped raiding in EverQuest 2 in the early part of 2014. If anyone would like to help rebuild the raid force please get in touch.

We will be raiding again in EverQuest Next.

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24 Jul 2013 - Barakah & Siyamak Down!

Well done Aenigma  O0

Ancient Sentinel in Sleeper's Tomb: Unearthed is Dead!!!

Drinal 2 Soulwell is Dead!!!

Oligar the Dead HM is really Dead this time......

Eidolon of Ventani in Sleeper's Tomb: Unearthed is Dead!!!!

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Last 5 Shouts:



10. November 2016, 20:00:58 (08:00 PM)
from Musik: i dont remember my log|pass so i write from dronts. he killed last Friday (2nd Nov).
if u want to talk 'bout it u can mail me to greenmusik dog gmail com
sorry for tell but i have to or i'll go crazy >__<


30. August 2016, 00:01:50 (12:01 AM)
Anyone playing TLE?


30. August 2016, 00:01:40 (12:01 AM)
Hello and Good bye  ;D


04. August 2016, 17:04:21 (05:04 PM)
Arelu was here and then was gone!


28. December 2014, 22:44:57 (10:44 PM)
I am playing Elite: Dangerous at the moment, tried Landmark for a bit. Waiting for EQ3 now.

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